Kyoto Nantan Plant — Quality ingredients: Fukushima Katsuo

Our mission is to deliver
safe, secure, high-quality ingredients.

In September 2014, the Kyoto Nantan Plant was established in Nantan City, northwest of Kyoto City.
While maintaining the same emphasis on quality as before, we have introduced equipment that enables us to produce more hygienic and safer products and to meet overseas standards.
Japanese food has now been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
As a manufacturer of kezuribushi, which is a foundation of Japanese cuisine, we will continue to preserve the taste of dashi and strive to contribute to the continuation of Japanese food culture.

Efforts carried out with production areas

The foundation of Fukushima Katsuo is the long-standing relationship of trust with the producers. Strong ties and cooperation with production areas are essential to create good products.

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Efforts to maintain stable supplies

Keeping our warehouses filled with one of the largest ingredient inventories in Japan is a necessary measure to ensure a stable supply. Inventory is typically kept low, but by increasing our inventory volume, we are able to transform ingredients with an inherently unstable supply into a product that can be supplied reliably.

Efforts to maintain processing quality

Our products are made with the most cutting-edge equipment in the industry as well as careful and meticulous human attention. A production line that fully utilizes both human hands and machinery is essential to the production of stable products, even when creating complex blends.