Suggestions and examples of flavor: Ready-made meals and deli foods

We deliver the taste of Fukushima Katsuo to supermarkets, convenience stores,
and deli food plants adapted to site operations and production lines.

The ready-made meal industry has garnered increasing attention in recent years due to changes in lifestyle. We also offer dashi for use in ready-made meals.
Along with suggestions for dashi for ready-made meals, we can also work with you to create standards for steam heated cooker, steam convection ovens, various cooking methods, and site operations.

  • Deli food plant

    Using dashi kezuribushi and kombu, we offer dashi that matches with deli food items. We are also incorporating the dashi into items that utilize steam convection ovens to make the most of the dashi.
    The majority of our products are used as broth and soup ingredients for use in production plants and soup ingredients, but we also offer fish powder in small packets for cooked noodles. Since COVID-19, demand has especially grown as people look for a way to change up the flavors of home-cooked and deli foods.

    Dashi ingredients Kezuribushi items (bonito, frigate tuna, mackerel, round herring, dried anchovy), blended shavings for dashi, fish powder, dashi pack, kombu